Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes

Music for Ballet & Contemporary Classes – 2CD

CD 1 Music for Ballet Class · CD 2 Music for Contemporary Ballet Class

Composed, arranged and played by Søren Bebe
Construction of class created by Allan Nielsen

CD 1 is designed for classical ballet class, keeping the strict form but integrating it with an inspiring and floating quality.
As an added bonus CD 2 can be used as inspiration for choreography, contemporary classes or pure listening.

Pianist and composer, Søren Bebe, has worked with dancer and teacher, Allan Nielsen, for several years. It has been a great mutual desire to put together this CD. The music on these CD’s can be used for all class levels.

CD1 recorded at:
Studio B, Copenhagen, on a Shigeru Kawai SK6 Grand Piano

CD2 recorded at:
Studio B, Copenhagen, and live at Dansehallerne using Ableton Live

Mixed and mastered by:
John Fomsgaard at Karmacrew

Produced by:
Søren Bebe & Allan Nielsen

Cover Art:

Ditte Valente & Annett Ahrends