“Home” + “Echoes” 2 CD BUNDLE – 10 % OFF 2 latest Søren Bebe Trio CD’s + FREE digital download (mp3 or HD Wave) and FREE sheet music (PDF)

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Get 10 % off the two latest CD’s by Søren Bebe Trio and get a free digital download in either mp3 or HD Wave format.

Also includes a free download of the sheet music for both albums as PDF lead sheets.

Søren Bebe Trio - "Home" CD (+ Download + Sheet music + Free shipping)

CD in a beautiful 2 page digifile album with artwork by Maiken Ingvordsen.
Comes signed with FREE shipping.

Includes a free digital download in mp3 and 24bit/96khz wave format.

Also includes a download of the sheet music (leadsheets) in PDF format.

"Listen to this album and you too, like me, will be transported to a better place.
(5/5 Stars)” – UK Vibe/Alan Musson (UK)

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"Echoes" by Søren Bebe Trio (CD + digital download)

"Great album! Very moving and delicate music. Even those not particularly into Jazz music should love this."

The latest album from Søren Bebe Trio comes in a beautiful 4-page digifile cover with artwork by Aleksandar & Dragana Veselić.
Digital download available as both regular mp3 and HD 24/96 wave download immediately after purchase.

Download links will also be sent in an email after purchase.

Looking for just the digital version go HERE

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Sheet Music for the album "Echoes" by Søren Bebe Trio

Downloadable lead sheets (PDF) for 9 songs from the album "Echoes" by Søren Bebe Trio.

PDF download only - no printed books - sorry :o)

Waltz for Steve
Jeg er træt og går til ro
Sospiri, Op.70

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