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Søren Bebe Trio - "EVA - featuring Marc Johnson" (CD + Digital Download)

The fourth studio album from the internationally acclaimed popular Danish piano trio ‘Soren Bebe Trio’ features a collaboration and guest appearance with the great American bass player Marc Johnson.
The CD comes in a beautiful 2-panel digipack with artwork by Maiken Ingvordsen.

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"Absolutely superb piano jazz trio that's as reflective and soothing as it is well arranged and executed. Ephemeral elements wisp together into an auditory trance perfect for any moment that calls for mentally unplugging."

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Søren Bebe Trio - "A Song for You" (CD + Digital Download)

This is the third studio album for the Danish trio, the Søren Bebe Trio. Following their CDs, From Out Here and Searching, these ten extraordinary tracks feature the sparse piano, smooth percussion and powerfully gentle bass that the Søren Bebe Trio has become famous for.

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Søren Bebe Trio - "From Out Here" (CD)

Compact Disc in digifile case.

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"One of the most fantastic jazz albums of recent years."
"Captures a tone of Scandinavian melancholy that is deeply moving."
"Simply sublime! Nothing less than a masterpiece!"
“The inspiration from pianist Keith Jarret is certainly there, but Bebe clearly has his own style”

After the trio-debut from 2008, Søren Bebe is back with Niels Ryde and Anders Mogensen at his side - “From Out Here” is a quiet and melancholic album, but with lots of temper and bite.

Søren Bebe (piano) // Niels Ryde (bass) // Anders Mogensen (drums)

Søren Bebe Trio // From Out Here (2010)
Your Favourite Jazz // yfjcd 012

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Søren Bebe Trio - "Searching" (CD)

The debut album from Søren Bebe Trio. Released in 2007 on Music Mecca.

Søren Bebe PIANO
Anders Mogensen DRUMS

Recorded May 2007 at Soundtrack Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Recording engineer Ole Hansen
Photos & Cover Art by Christina Leithe Hansen
Portraits by Peter A. Petersen
Anders Mogensen plays Limousine Drums, Avantgarde Cymbals, Anders
Mogensen Signature Sticks and uses Roland Electronics.
Niels Ryde plays Godin A4 fretless bass.

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Søren Bebe Trio - "Home" CD (+ Download + Sheet music + Free shipping)

CD in a beautiful 2 page digifile album with artwork by Maiken Ingvordsen.
Comes signed with FREE shipping.

Includes a free digital download in mp3 and 24bit/96khz wave format.

Also includes a download of the sheet music (leadsheets) in PDF format.

"Listen to this album and you too, like me, will be transported to a better place.
(5/5 Stars)” – UK Vibe/Alan Musson (UK)

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